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otp's Journal

OTP - maybe not so much with the AU!
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
What this community isn't for:
Posting of unfinished fic. If you can't bother to finish your story before you post it, we can't be bothered to read it.
About spoilers: anything about season 5 is very welcome but must be placed under a cut-away.
And you don't need an LJ to leave a comment, but sign your posts, please. Makes it all the friendlier...

What this community is for:
Well, what would you like to read here? Suggested topics: CJ/T fan fiction, CJ fic, Toby fic, pointers to CJ/T fic, CJ/Toby questions, rumors, random shouts of theirloveissopure!, Allison Janney, Richard Schiff, requests for CJ/T-friendly betas, discussion, CJ/T mp3s and songs, icons (share 'em or show 'em off or ask for one)... Also, Mandy is always on-topic, because Mandy Is God.

The less rules, the better. Just remember to have fun. And no, CJ/T doesn't have to be your only OTP!

Oh, and intro yourself! Write what you like, and be sure to answer these three questions:

1 Have you ever had a dream about CJ and/or Toby? If so, was it angsty?

2 Did you start drinking Grasshoppers after you'd seen that s1 ep? alternatively do you now perform The Jackal?

3 Their love - is it really so pure?