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updates (read: shameless self promotion)

For anyone out there who is a CJ/Danny fan, my foray into that world has begun. The first chapter of "Forks in the Road" is up and even if you haven't read it's predecessor, "Dark History", you really don't need it to understand it. But, the two universes are the same and it might help to have that background. (yes, more shamless self promoting here.) The site is at:

Anyway, thanks for reading and thanks for letting my posts about site updates be posted. :-) Of course, feedback on the stories is always, always appreciated. I am going to go take a much deserved break from writing this world that I wish we could live in (a break meaning two or three days) and write that term paper for poli-sci, take the time to watch West Wing eps, and read some other people's fic.

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