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Hi wingnuts

I am de-lurking as i have a loooong summer ahead of me and so may actually get round to writing some CJ/Toby fic! (chance this may not happen is pretty high though I shall respond to the Q's anyways)

1 Have you ever had a dream about CJ and/or Toby? If so, was it angsty?
No *lesigh* I have always wanted a CJ/Toby dream,nearest Ive got is my mother once had a josh dream :P

2 Did you start drinking Grasshoppers after you'd seen that s1 ep? alternatively do you now perform The Jackal?
YES! Frozen grasshoppers were my drink of the year after that ep! I know the words to the jackal by heart but would never attempt to perform it!

3 Their love - is it really so pure?
It is nowhere near pure! It is all unbridled lust and yearning and complicatedness and heat. SO notpure!!
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