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Hey Y'all. So yeah, my name is Shauna and while I've been a West Wing fan for ... um ... ever ... I've just started reading and writing fanfic (it helps to be single again) and of course, I'm a HUGE CJ/T nut. I am currently working on an epic that spans thier entire relationship and contains as many spoilers as possible. :-) But of course, by the time I get around to the season 6 stuff, it'll be out on DVD.

So yeah, here I am and of course I will answer the questions posed. :-)

Have you ever had a dream about CJ and/or Toby? If so, was it angsty?
*laugh* How do you think the epic got started. But here's the real question - if it's them telling you thier history does it count as a dream or just a long, long night where I didn't sleep but laid there with my eyes closed, watching thier lives in front of me?

Did you start drinking Grasshoppers after you'd seen that s1 ep? alternatively do you now perform The Jackal?
I have yet to try a Grasshopper, tho I want to. And not only do I walk around work performing the JAckal, I am trying desperately to find an MP3 of it somewhere so I can put it in the CD I'm doing for CJ.

Their love - is it really so pure?
Pure? Them? More like dirty, angsty, tragic, and in the end, destined for either joy or ruin. (like that narrows it down)

Anyway - hi y'all! I'm looking forward to reading more. :-)
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