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OTP - maybe not so much with the AU!'s Journal

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22nd January 2007

warlordkittens11:03pm: every living substance, destroyed
by oro
pairing: cj/t
rating: pg-13
spoilers: none after s4
notes: for the toby challenge. thank you, genesis 5-9. thank you, those who helped: fallon, kimmy, jenn and em. i needed that boost of confidence. this is for amy_vic. i do hope it shall please her.
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27th October 2006

raedbard12:55am: Letter Following the Loss of a Brother
Title: Letter Following the Loss of a Brother
Author: raedbard
Pairing: CJ/Toby obviously, plus David Ziegler
Rating: liteR? Little bit of swearing, little bit of sex. Nothing major.
Words: c. 2,000
Timeline/Spoilers: post 6.16 'Drought Conditions', so expect the appropriate amount of angst. Also goes pre-show to a degree.
Disclaimer: I don't claim to be Aaron Sorkin or John Wells. My impressions aren't that good. But my sandbox is more fun to play in.
Summary: She is writing him a letter in her head.

Letter Following the Loss of a Brother

22nd October 2006


Title: Yellow
Pairing: CJ/Toby
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Belongs to Sorkin and Wells.
Spoilers: Post Admin
Summary: "We're better as friends"
AN: For the CJ challenge at tww_minis. Written for soaked_in_stars, for who requested: Letters (or writing). And booze. She also wanted some Andy. In a nice way.
Thanks and love goes to krazykitkat for handholding and general good-eggedness.

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21st October 2006

warlordkittens10:20pm: in spite of all the damage
author : oro
rating: t
pairing: cj/toby
notes: stretching my ficcy limbs. thanks, manda, for the beta.

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1st August 2006

potuschris7:15pm: My Very First West Wing Video
Song: Now and Forever
Artist: Carol King
Editor: potuschris
Subject: CJ/Toby
Link: http://www.savefile.com/files/6601501
Author's Notes: This is my first time making a West Wing video. I've made quite a few videos for other TV shows, though. I think this video can either be seen as a CJ/Toby Friendship video or a CJ/Toby Romance video, it's really about how you look at it. Enjoy! And I love comments and critiques!
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14th May 2006

potuschris9:15am: CJ/Toby Icons
Some CJ/Toby Icons, all from Institutional Memory.

Preview: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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27th April 2006

raedbard1:35pm: Title: The Things You Said Today
Author: raedbard
Pairing: CJ/Toby
Rating: PG-13
Summary: You meet him some months after his life falls apart for the first time.

The Things You Said Today

19th April 2006

xenasoul2:04am: Ficlet "One"
Title: One
Ranting: PG (NC-17 in later chapters)
New OTP: Ephram/Noah (Gregory Smith/Martin Henderson)
Genre: slash
Summary: Noah gets moe than the bargained for when he goes to Everwood in vacation.
A/N: This is the first of many ficlet to come telling how Ephram and Noah
came to first meet, first date, first kiss, well first everything. Later on
these two would appear at AU versions of "Torque" and "The Ring" as a couple.

Please follow these links to see some manips I made of my two hotties:
Manips 1,2

Read "One" this way...

5th April 2006

xenasoul4:56am: New community

Hello folks,

I´m here to divulge my brand new community: Make your own OTP!

Where you can create a new slash pairing from anyone you´ll like
to see slashed! The boys doesn´t need to be from the same show, movie or
anything; if they look hot together make them a couple!

There you can post fics, icons, fanarts, wallpapers, challenges,
recs and you can also request a story from your created fandom! So please come
and join us!

I´m also moderating

23rd March 2006

vegawriters1:51am: updates (read: shameless self promotion)
For anyone out there who is a CJ/Danny fan, my foray into that world has begun. The first chapter of "Forks in the Road" is up and even if you haven't read it's predecessor, "Dark History", you really don't need it to understand it. But, the two universes are the same and it might help to have that background. (yes, more shamless self promoting here.) The site is at: www.geocities.com/vegawriters

Anyway, thanks for reading and thanks for letting my posts about site updates be posted. :-) Of course, feedback on the stories is always, always appreciated. I am going to go take a much deserved break from writing this world that I wish we could live in (a break meaning two or three days) and write that term paper for poli-sci, take the time to watch West Wing eps, and read some other people's fic.

Current Mood: accomplished

21st March 2006

vegawriters11:54pm: more updates!
Hey there :-)

The final chapter of Dark History is up! Please read and give feedback. Thank all of you who have been reading, for reading.


13th March 2006

vegawriters7:46pm: more updates!
Hey y'all

The Dark History universe continues! I've written two shorts and posted them to the Dark History page. Hope you like. www.geocities.com/vegawriters

28th February 2006

krazykitkat4:50pm: Actually written 4 years ago, but that was long before I was on lj, so thought I'd post it.

TITLE: Athenaeum
AUTHOR: Katrina McDonnell
SPOILERS: In The Shadow Of Two Gunmen 2
DISCLAIMER: The West Wing and its characters are the property of
Aaron Sorkin, Warner Brothers, and NBC. No Copyright Infringement
is intended. I will put them back slightly disheveled.
ARCHIVE: Sure, but please ask first.
FEEDBACK: Much appreciated.
AUTHOR'S NOTES: My first definite CJ/Toby story...bit of a change
for me! Just as I was getting into bed around 2.30 one morning, I got
clobbered by images of body parts with quotes scrawled on them. Looked
across the room to spy Toby looking innocent. And this is the result.
THANKS: To Cal and Pene, thank you for the editing and much needed
encouragement. And to Reagan, Jessica, sonnychibagrrl and lprizzo for
their help in quote searching.
SUMMARY: We wear our lives on our skin.

Athenaeum - a library or reading room; from the Greek 'Athenaion',
temple of Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom.

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25th February 2006

intl_princess1:03am: Campaign Fic
Here's a campaign tale about one of my favourite couples. The show may be ending, but they live on in my head.

Love will tie the slipknot

For The Bordello’s lyric wheel, two years too late. And for pene, who is an inspiration, and who gets it.

30th January 2006

vegawriters10:23pm: site update
Hey guys,

Just wanted to let you know that my fanfic site, which is all CJ fic at the moment, has been updated. There's a couple of teasers up, as well as the latest chapter of Light My Candle. I am now off to purge myself of the emotion that writing this fic has dumped on me ... and going to return my focus to Sirens and Dark History.

In addition to the stories, the site has links to sites that deal with the issues that I discuss in each fic.



31st October 2005

raedbard2:33pm: Fic(let) link: After All Things
Just a little slip of a thing (500 or so words) which I thought might meet with a warm reception here. :)

Title: After All Things
Author: raedbard
Rating: PG
Summary: After 'Drought Conditions' CJ helps Toby out.


And I have to say - I'm getting very fond of this community, it's got me through many a slow day at work!

25th October 2005

lifeasanamazon10:40am: TITLE: The Comfortless Tragedy of Isolated Hearts
RATING: Harmless
SPOILERS: Bang up to the minute Season 7. Stay away by all means.

They call it catharsis.Collapse )
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22nd June 2005

keladryb11:26pm: FICLET: Where Logic Ends
Title: Where Logic Ends
Rating: R
Summary: In the end, of course, it's never about what it was about to begin with.
Pairing: CJ/OMC, CJ/Toby
Notes: I was re-reading littleloonlost's My Back Pages, and as soon as I finished, the first line poked me and demanded that I write the rest of the story. So in a way, this is inspired by her, except only kind of.

Where Logic EndsCollapse )

16th May 2005

ansumshoes4:34pm: Hi wingnuts
I am de-lurking as i have a loooong summer ahead of me and so may actually get round to writing some CJ/Toby fic! (chance this may not happen is pretty high though I shall respond to the Q's anyways)

1 Have you ever had a dream about CJ and/or Toby? If so, was it angsty?
No *lesigh* I have always wanted a CJ/Toby dream,nearest Ive got is my mother once had a josh dream :P

2 Did you start drinking Grasshoppers after you'd seen that s1 ep? alternatively do you now perform The Jackal?
YES! Frozen grasshoppers were my drink of the year after that ep! I know the words to the jackal by heart but would never attempt to perform it!

3 Their love - is it really so pure?
It is nowhere near pure! It is all unbridled lust and yearning and complicatedness and heat. SO notpure!!
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8th April 2005

krazykitkat12:33am: TITLE: Inscription
AUTHOR: Katrina McDonnell
EMAIL: mcdonnem@tpg.com.au
RATING: Mature
DISCLAIMER: The West Wing and its characters are the property of Aaron Sorkin, Warner Brothers, and NBC. No Copyright Infringement is intended. I will put them back slightly disheveled.
ARCHIVE: Sure, but please ask first.
FEEDBACK: Much appreciated.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: While this is self-contained, it was inspired (and includes direct quoteage) from my previous story, Athenaeum.
THANKS: To Athena and Rhonda.
FOR: Angie. Happy Birthday, my Sweetheart.
SUMMARY: "So, I'm your friend?"

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3rd April 2005

lifeasanamazon12:55am: So, here it is, the first thing I've written in a while.

It's CJ and some Toby, and you need Things Fall Apart in your mind.

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23rd February 2005

vegawriters10:00pm: yes, i'm a geek!
okay, yes, they finally admitted it. "can this be one of those nights where we get sloshed and pretend we don't work together."

okay, yeah. i usually watch the eps for oh, issues, but this was a cj and toby heartwrencher, with a good bit of cj/leo drabble as well. yes, my little fanfiction addled heart is a-pounding! :-)

more coherent thoughts to come as i write.
Current Mood: creative

20th February 2005

vegawriters1:23am: hewwo!
Hey Y'all. So yeah, my name is Shauna and while I've been a West Wing fan for ... um ... ever ... I've just started reading and writing fanfic (it helps to be single again) and of course, I'm a HUGE CJ/T nut. I am currently working on an epic that spans thier entire relationship and contains as many spoilers as possible. :-) But of course, by the time I get around to the season 6 stuff, it'll be out on DVD.

So yeah, here I am and of course I will answer the questions posed. :-)

Have you ever had a dream about CJ and/or Toby? If so, was it angsty?
*laugh* How do you think the epic got started. But here's the real question - if it's them telling you thier history does it count as a dream or just a long, long night where I didn't sleep but laid there with my eyes closed, watching thier lives in front of me?

Did you start drinking Grasshoppers after you'd seen that s1 ep? alternatively do you now perform The Jackal?
I have yet to try a Grasshopper, tho I want to. And not only do I walk around work performing the JAckal, I am trying desperately to find an MP3 of it somewhere so I can put it in the CD I'm doing for CJ.

Their love - is it really so pure?
Pure? Them? More like dirty, angsty, tragic, and in the end, destined for either joy or ruin. (like that narrows it down)

Anyway - hi y'all! I'm looking forward to reading more. :-)
Current Mood: creative

8th February 2005

krazykitkat2:03pm: TITLE: All the Wrong Places
AUTHOR: Katrina McDonnell
EMAIL: mcdonnem@tpg.com.au
RATING: R (sex scene)
DISCLAIMER: The West Wing and its characters are the property of Aaron Sorkin, Warner Brothers, and NBC. No Copyright Infringement is intended. I will put them back slightly disheveled.
ARCHIVE: Sure, but please ask first.
FEEDBACK: Much appreciated.
AUTHOR'S NOTES: Pre-admin/campaign trail. CJ/Toby, CJ/Sam, but mostly CJ. And while it grew past ficlet stage, includes MichelleK's request from many moons ago: CJ/whomever. "That's not what I heard."
THANKS: To Athena and Angie for so many reasons, not least putting up with my freakouts.
SUMMARY: She vowed never to be taken in again.

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